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Literary Agent: Chris Till at Paradigm Talent Agency

Fish Fry (full length)

Cast: 7

"Heavy is the head that wears the crown." After the unexpected death of the patriarch of the Jones family, there are serious questions about who is next in line for the throne and who will inherit the kingdom. With all that is lost in their father's death, there is the question of what can be gained. So much can fall apart. Already tattered relationships are tested, and difficult truths emerge when a family is forced to reconcile as they grieve. 


Blood Sisters (full length)


These four best friends have followed the rules most of their lives; good grades, excelling in athletics and being responsible at home. But what happens when they learn that the rules were never written with their freedom in mind, only their assimilation and obedience?  Can these four blood sisters change the system? They're going to start trying by breaking it first. In Blood Sisters, we go to war with respectability politics.  Even if it gets messy and means death. And, you won't believe who wins in the end. Or will you?


òmì ò lotá or 'No Enemy (10-minute)

Cast: 3

From the Atlantic Theatres Writual Play festival, this 10-minute play takes the classic Yoruba Ifa story of the power of water and flips it on its head. Set in modern day Harlem we look at how pillars of a changing community are preparing the all the changes that may be coming their way, including the supernatural ones. 


HERstory Love Forever: Hip Hop (Full Length)

Cast: 5–8

After a sold out run at the Kennedy Center this hip hop theare play is like no other, in that its a fusion of real life, history and theatre, with the women telling the stories. 

Will hip hop die? This time, the women decide...The play confronts some of hip hops allegations of misogyny and exploitation of women, but also talks about how it’s helped lots of women too. The most important part of the play is that the audience has to participate in the storytelling. From the moment the audience walks in they are asked to be apart of the play. The legacy of storytelling in Hip Hop has traditionally been dominated by the male voice. In this play—the women tell the story. Taken from a series of interviews Patrick conducted with women in the culture, the performance incorporates true stories in a bold shift in narrative about Hip Hop culture.


In the play, Hip Hop, personified as a woman and known as HER—inspired by the 1994 Common hit song, “I Used to Love H.E.R.”—is on her deathbed, and five women of diverse and often opposing views show up unexpectedly to decide her future. The all-woman ensemble explore the ideas and theories of sexual objectification, misrepresentation, and misogyny in Hip Hop. With real-life stories describing their pain, the group finds themselves conflicted on what decision to make: whether to keep HER alive or pull the plug, HER’s fate lies in their hands. The performance is about the women and girls who used to love HER—or still do—this is HERstory.


Name Calling: when the water breaks (play in verse)
Cast: 1 ·
This riveting work is a one-woman show that examines what happens when the normalized trauma becomes too much for one woman to bear. But when this day is like no day she's ever experienced before, will she rage against her routine of silence and acceptance or do something totally unexpected and out of character. This hip hop theatre choreo-poem filled with music, poetry, and energy, asks us the question, is there a kind of love strong enough to keep you afloat when the world is drowning you?



Surrender (Full length)
Cast: 4–6
A choreo-poem written during a divorce has one name as the playwright and a new name the protagonist. What if your diary was turned into poems and prayers and then performance. It's when you think you’re about to die that you really start yearning to live. That’s the story with Surrender. Surrender is a coming of age story about the rites of passage a woman must take through her insecurities, her secrets, and her greatest fear; death, in order to find her path in life. Lost and confused on her path, she encounters the wisdom and assistance of her ancestors to guide her on her journey. She is charged with stirring up her neatly made life in order to discover who she really is despite her fear of becoming.


Breath of Life (One Act-90 minutes)

Cast: 4

This multi-media performance experience is written for all or any of the platforms that reach the audiences. Written as both a testimony and prayer this piece uses dance, music, and performance to explore Black love as an act of resistance. A young couple is conflicted with how to protest during the height of the Black Lives Matter protests now that they have to consider the COVID-19 pandemic and their new baby. To make the situation more complicated one of the partners is caught out in the protest-filled streets without a way to communicate back home that they are safe. All the worries of what it means to be Black and not heard from come to the surface as each partner has to try to find faith in the safe return of their partner.


*This play is one of a series of places specifically written with non-gender-based roles. Any and every role can be played by any gender or a Non-gender conforming performer.


#Lakeisha Jefferson (10-minute)

Cast: 4

In the thick of the Black Lives Matter movement young LaKeisha Jefferson has discovered what she wants to be when she grows up...a hashtag. This chilling 10-minute play throws the complex reality of trying to grow up young, Black, and girl in a world that is determined to hunt you. Her family tries to explain to her the danger of her desire, but can't make sense of their explanation; because, in this world, her wish makes sense.


Unpacked(One Act)

Cast: 2

When a newly married couple finally moves into their first home, they learn there is more to unpack than just moving boxes. They spend their time adjusting to their new lives confronting secrets, learning uncomfortable histories about each other, and ultimately deciding if the new life they imagined is even possible. This comedy has its fair share of ups and downs; like any marriage does.

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