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It's when you think you’re about to die that you really start yearning to live. That’s the story with Surrender. Surrender is a coming of age story about the rites of passage a woman must take through her insecurities, her secrets, and her greatest fear; death,  in order to find her path in life. Lost and confused on her path, she encounters the wisdom and assistance of her ancestors to guide her on her journey. She is charged with stirring up her neatly made life in order to discover who she really is.




a choreopoem written during a divorce has one name as the playwright and a new name the protagonist. What if your diary was turned into poems and prayers and then performance.

  Surrender is the story of a woman trying to navigate her heritage, career, and marriage when she’s suddenly forced by her ancestors to confront her secrets or face her untimely death. Described as a "Hip-Hop theater bembe," Surrender is a ritual performance of music, dance, and verse, telling the story of a young woman and her rites of passage into womanhood. A biographical piece, this show combines mix-tape performance styles with traditional Yoruba rituals and traditions. 


Goldie must decide whether or not she is willing to give up the life she has made for herself with her husband, career, and prestige. She soon discovers that her ancestors have made the decision for her and she must surrender to the decision they've made.  Petrified by the consequences of giving up her lifestyle, Goldie must decide to comply with includes accepting her destined fast approaching death. 

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