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Breath of Life

Cast: 4 Run Time: 90 Minutes

This multi-media performance experience is written for all or any of the platforms that reach the audiences. Written as both a testimony and prayer this piece uses dance, music, and performance to explore Black love as an act of resistance. A young couple is conflicted with how to protest during the height of the Black Lives Matter protests now that they have to consider the COVID-19 pandemic and their new baby. To make the situation more complicated one of the partners is caught out in the protest-filled streets without a way to communicate back home that they are safe. All the worries of what it means to be Black and not heard from come to the surface as each partner has to try to find faith in the safe return of their partner.


*This play is one of a series of places specifically written with non-gender based roles. Any and every role can be played by any gender or a Non-gender conforming performer.

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