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For over 20 years Goldie E. Patrick has been passionately working, living, and building artistic collaborations in theatre. A graduate of Howard University (BFA) and Columbia University (MFA-Playwriting), Goldie is actively working in writer's rooms and developing new works, while serving as the Director of Grants and Programming at the Dramatist Guild Foundation. Goldie has a unique skill in imagining and interrogating the world of the characters and the play through her "triple threat" skills and experience as a cultural worker, writer, and director. With a zealous approach to developing and collaborating, Goldie has cultivated a vast, culturally inclusive lens and praxis to her work.  Working thoughtfully as a playwright and television writer, and director to model past contributions to the canon of works that illuminate the Black experience while simultaneously pushing the boundaries of form, style, and aesthetic.  The unique intersection of her  work as a writer, director and  cultural worker is indicative of her holistic approach to her writing.

With a fresh voice and perspective echoing the multilayered experiences of Black womxn and girls, Goldie brings a rigor of her  craft to perfectly blend with a cultural ingenuity. As a bold public advocate for Black womxn and girls, she has gained international recognition for her work as founder, and Producing Artistic Director of F.R.E.S.H.H. Inc Theatre Company, for over 5 years. Her work at FRESHH includes the development of a unique curriculum which includes a playwriting program for early career playwrights, culturally competent acting and devising techniques, and a series of Hip Hop Theatre curricula. 


"Making worlds with my words    is truly  sacred territory".

 "In the room is the most important place to me in theatre. The place where we all (the actors, directors, and even playwrights) start with the questions. The place where the vulnerability  of not knowing together and the excitement of wondering and exploring together, makes us equals and comrades. It's the dopest revolution ever. Making theatre is truly sacred territory. I live for being in the room and creating a world with the other artists. Thats when we are closest to our humanity. That's the gift and the reason why."

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