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a womanist devised theatre performance movement

This stunning devised theatre project brings women of color and their allies on stage together to tell autobiographical stories of their fight for equality. In this work with each unique performance we learn that our differences is what we have most in common. This work is a powerful political and resource for community inclusion. Feminine Folklore is a quilted tapestry of the stories of women on their sojourn through their 30's. Each story, a unique experience for the storyteller, yet universal in life. We invite you to lend hands to the quilting process by sharing your stories, ideas, and revelations, and join our Feminine Folklore community. Through social media we will be able to begin to stitch together the stories of women from all over to share their "folklore" In the past the series, has managed to sell out audiences, create a strong online community, and create great opportunities for the performers involved. 






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