Females Representing Every Side of Hip-Hop (F.R.E.S.H.H. Inc) is a non profit organization reinforcing what is bold, resilient, beautiful, and brilliant in Black girls of all ages.


Goldie has gained recognition for her work as founder, and Executive Director of F.R.E.S.H.H. Inc, Females Representing Every Side of Hip-­‐Hop, a burgeoning community based organization of Black women that uses hip-hop focused cultural analysis, intergenerational mentoring, along with a Pan-African paradigm to reveal and resolve social adversities and advocate for policies that support, protect, and advance Black women and girls. Goldie is a  self-‐proclaimed "hip-­‐hop womanist", inspired to create conversations and movements that empower and liberate the stories of Black women and girls. Goldie has worked in hip-hop education and youth development in New York City, Charleston, South Carolina, Baton Rouge, Louisiana and Accra, Ghana.


Started in 2001 on the campus of Howard University, FRESHH galvanized a diverse group of female students to discuss their role in hip-hop. These women found a common bond in both their affection for the culture and their discontent with the current state of hip-hop. To bring their concerns to the attention of the hip-hop community, the women began meeting together monthly to discuss their goals and projects.








Located in the nation’s capitol, Washington DC we pride ourselves on creating safe spaces where black girls are nurtured to grow into their most powerful selves and healthy cross-generational dialogue can occur between Black women and girls. With mentorship at the forefront of our work, we have created a “resolution based” model, where participants are encouraged to work collectively to explore positive solutions to some of the difficulties they have encountered and are currently encountering.


Through the vehicle of Hip-Hop, we utilize current rap music, Hip-Hop, news and social issues to introduce diverse topics that affect Black women old and young. Our goal is to redefine the Black woman’s presence in Hip-Hop; by, affirming her value, redefining her image and reinforcing her power. FRESHH has two intergenerational hip-hop programs, The Ayana Scholarship & Advocacy Program and The Wisdom Knot. In addition to its programs, FRESHH offers access to a unique curriculum based in hip-hop womanism and hip-hop youth development.


The Ayana Scholarship & Advocacy Program is dedicated to "planting seeds of scholarship" in young our scholars. This media literacy program accepts 15 young women from 11-17 to work with each session. The institute educates on how to create a filter between media and self-image, while teaching them about hip-hop culture, communications and media. As a positive youth development program, ASAP aims to increase self-worth and expand civic engagement. Each ASAP scholar is given a holistic hip-hop experience. Whether already interested in hip-hop or new to the culture, ASAP teaches how hip-hop’s influence in popular culture and power to voice the concerns of traditionally underserved communities, can be a model for young women to shed light on socially relevant issues that concern them. ASAP sessions are held weekly and include technology classes, health/movement classes, media classes, and classes in the elements of hip-hop, as well as a girl’s peer circle. During each session at ASAP the young women study hip-hop arts in order to create socially conscious PSA’s, social campaigns, and music rallying around important social issues.


Inside the Wisdom K. N. O . T

Knowing and Nurturing Our Truth is a series of intergenerational workshops where Black women of the civil rights, bridge, Hop-Hop, and facebook generation gather together to share lessons on healing, growing, and communicating. At the core of each workshop is resolution; where at the end the participating members create advocacy movements to voice their ideas and their concerns and promote unity and understanding in the community. Mothers and daughters, alike become members of the Wisdom K.N.O.T.


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Inside FRESHH Mind

The minds that come together to create the curriculum for The Ayana Scholarship & Advocacy Program and the Wisdom K.N.O.T work in the community to tailor workshops, curriculum, and presentations for organizations, schools, and other community groups.


F.R.E.S.H.H. Inc reinforcing what is bold, resilient, beautiful, and brilliant in Black girls of all ages. www.freshhinc.org