feminine folklore. 


Feminine Folklore was created  to give voice to the experiences of a culturally diverse group of women all in their 30s.  Aimed at capturing a variety of perspectives, experiences, and ideas, while breathing life to some of the universal themes of womanhood. Together our  goal is to create a space where the narrative of the experiences as women growing and evolving, is captured by our own voices.  Each folklore as unique as the woman who shares it, and in its own way, timeless.  







Surrender: a lyrical rites to womanhood

Surrender, is a new hip-hop theatre piece that is a ritual performance of music, dance, and verse, telling the story of  a young woman, and her rites into womanhood. A biographical piece, this show combines, mix-tape performance styles with traditional Yoruba rituals and traditions.


This pillow poetry, is perfect for lovers, those that love, and those the like to be loved. 


body language

small water woman

This debut recording inlcudes a collection of powerful spoken word pieces by Goldie Deane.