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BREATH of Life

A Black love story about the power of Black love to restore, empower and heal in even the darkest of times.  


I am floored by the support and outpouring of encouragement from my community. Thank you all so very much. I am because you are!!! This piece, Breath of Life, is one that I have been working on since 2020 when I first began at Columbia; and, because of your generosity we are almost at our fundraising goal.



Breath of Life, reflects my growth as a writer and my continued commitment to telling Black stories and allows me to work with longtime and new collaborators. And, your donations will allow me to pay my team of designers and actors of color-a fair wage.

thank you (3).jpg

It takes a village...

Your contribution to Breath of Life is a gift that keeps giving. I want to keep you involved as a "contributor" , if you're interested. This will acknowledge your contribution and also put you in a position to be a part of the theatre-making.

thank you (3).jpg

Are you in NYC? 

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